Rey Lozano of Studio 18
About The Artist:
About the Artist
Rey Lozano’s canvases, art pieces, artistic furniture, faux finishes, and murals have shown cohesiveness yet diversity throughout the years. Rey makes one-of-a-kind pieces that have been sold and displayed in many capacities over the years with galleries, art venues, home design shows, commercial projects, and personal clientele. This has greatly ingrained Rey as an artist in the South Florida culture and the people that live here. This too has been a strong element of his art and creativity. As well, his pieces are known for their bold colors, texturized clay accents, artistic painting details, and uniquely shaped canvases which always symbolize the beauty of his art inspirations.

“My artwork has consisted of and has evolved into many forms throughout the years while always being influenced by the culture of South Florida,” he said. “To portray my inspirations into my artform, my art pieces always consist of acrylic paints, vibrant colors, textured clay surfaces, uniquely shaped canvases, and decorative stone embellishments and accents. I have painted within many genres of subject matter, use a multitude of mediums, and am inspired by an array of subject matter. My experiences, inspirations, and artistic details are what enhance and add dimension to my artwork in the forms of murals, painted canvases, artistic furniture and home décor, and 3D art forms.

“I have developed my artwork into collections over the years that I always aspire to further enhance and creatively grow from. What makes my artwork unique creations is the attention paid to hand-crafted and clay designed accents I use to add layers of texture to my pieces. Medium of mirrors, stones, tiles, decorative cutouts, metallic foils, and other design elements make each piece unique and one of a kind. As well, use of resin helps to solidify and finish off the surfaces of most of my pieces. I love to use art in a functional way and design most of my pieces for aesthetic beauty and as functional art.

“What I love best about my profession as an artist is my ability to create unique artwork. Art has always been the central part of my life, and always will be.”

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