Tips On Choosing the Perfect Mother's Day Gift

On Mother’s Day it’s important to let your mom know that she is one of the most important ladies in your life. Celebrate this Mother’s Day with gifts that are as unique as she is.  At The Shops at Pembroke Gardens you can choose from a variety of great gifts for mom, including; jewelry, home decor, bath and body essentials, kitchen gadgets, spa treatments, and more!

Some helpful tips for choosing the perfect Mother’s Day Gift are as follows:

Mother’s Day Gift Buying Tip #1. Find something you know your mom will use all the time.  From slippers (if she likes to keep her feet warm around the house) to bath and body items (if she loves soaking in the bath), selecting a gift she will use will remind her how much you pay attention to her unique habits.  If your mom’s favorite thing to do is visit spas for spa treatments, help make her wish come true with a gift card with spa products or an annual membership for her to enjoy throughout the entire year.

DSW - Minnetonka Cally Slipper - $39.95

Bath & Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint Bath Soak - $16.00

Me Spa Treatments (check pricing here)

Mother’s Day Gift Buying Tip #2. Buy mom something with a sentimental ring to it.  This can be a Mother’s Day card, but it can also be something to remind her how special she is.  You’ll want to find something with a sentimental spin to it so she knows you put some thought into your gift.  Some examples include a special photo framed of you and her or something that brings back memories of a vacation trip you took together.  Even gifting her with some diamond stud earrings can make her feel special on Mother’s Day!

Brighton Collectibles - Good Times Frame - $28.00

Mother’s Day Gift Buying Tip #3.  Show her your appreciation by giving her presents she’ll treasure and love.  Think about what makes your mom happy (besides you, silly!).  Does she like gardening, entertaining guests, or does she love decorating her home with fragrant candles?

Sur La Table - Aervana Wine Aerator - $99.95

White Barn - Mineral Springs 3-Wick Candle - $24.50

Barnes & Noble - Mother’s Day on Blu-Ray $21.78

Maybe mom is an avid bookworm or loves watching movies?  Perhaps she loves to write reminder notes or signs a lot of documents for work?  Gifting her with a decorative pen or a new best selling book may be just the right gift she needs!

Swarovski - Crystalline Heart Charm Ballpoint Pen, White - $49.00

No matter what you choose for your mom, you’ll find awesome ideas for Mother’s Day gifts at The Shops at Pembroke Gardens.